Below is a map of some of our Butcher Shop Installations. Please click for more details.

We will design and fit out entire butcher units, including retail space, preparation areas and cold rooms. We provide 3D drawings of how your shop will look when you have completed your project, before you even start. We install the latest technology, that gives the most energy efficiencies. We work closely with Criocabin to give you the most modern butcher displays on the market, with product shelf life at the heart of the technology behind the unique designs. Butcher refrigeration fit-outs would include:

  • Cold cabinets
  • Air conditioning units
  • Refrigeration units - chill and deep freeze units
  • Cabinets and cold rooms

A range of cabinets are available from Criocabin.

We have a large range of display cabinets to suit all styles and budgets.